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Is your Company Protected from Lawsuits, Long Term Care Costs and other Predators?

Is Your Company protected from Lawsuits, Long term Care Costs and other Predators? The Estate Planning Law Center, David J. Zumpano CPA/ESQ is proud to have joined the Rome Chamber of Commerce in April and they will host their first Business Before Hours at Jervis Public Library in Rome on May 8th. Most business owners don’t take the time to slow down and think about their future. Most think they are all set and protected but are they built to last? Can the business continue without the owner, whether it is retirement, unexpected health issues or even death! This one hour workshop is open to all business owners, chamber member or not, and the following will be discussed. In this one hour discussion business owners will discover: The shortcomings of protection with LLC’s and Corporations How using trusts with your business can enhance your privacy and will learn about asset

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