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Briana Moriarty is the Director of Workshops & Presentations for The Estate Planning Law Center, yet she is not a lawyer. Does this surprise you? If you have met Briana, probably not.

Briana comes from a large family. A Sunday meal consisting of 14 family members would be considered poorly attended. She was particularly close to her grandparents, who instilled in her the conviction that if you know what you want in life, and work hard, you will attain your goals. Briana’s career is a testament to this invaluable lesson.

Briana joined EPLC in the Client Services Department. She moved on to Marketing, and eventually began hosting workshops. She has done plenty of back office work as well, from funding to handling Medicaid and probate matters.

Now, as they say, Briana runs the show… in this case, two shows.

Briana derives a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction from maintaining an environment in which attorneys and staff have everything they need to help the firm’s clients succeed. Her experience in all aspects of EPLC’s operation gives Briana the knowledge and skills necessary to do so.

Born and raised in Central New York, Briana received her Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY College at Oneonta, where she majored in History. Briana earned her Master of Education degree from the University of Phoenix in March, 2011. In many ways, as Operations Manager of both LWP and EPLC, she is still a teacher today.

When Briana is not working, she can be found in the company of family and friends. She also enjoys shopping for the latest fashion trends, especially shoes and handbags.

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