How long is a typical estate plan good for?

Unfortunately, many things that affect your estate plan change on a regular basis. The most notable are the birth, death, marriage, or divorce of any of your beneficiaries. In addition, your health changes which could significantly impact your plan. For example, if you are healthy today you will create a plan based on your current condition. When you are no longer healthy, you will likely want to change your plan to reflect the different risks and ensure you are protected. Your finances also change. Those invested in the market know it can go up and down. As you work longer and accumulate more assets your net worth begins to grow. The planning for individuals at different financial levels is different. Lastly, the law is constantly changing. Something you do today may be affected by a subsequent change in the law tomorrow.

A regular review of your estate plan is essential to ensure it will actually accomplish the goals and objectives you have set. Contact us to learn about our TLC™ maintenance program and fee guarantee program to ensure your plan stays current with the changes in your family, finances, health, and the law.

An integral part of ensuring your estate planning accomplishes what you intend it to, is your commitment to ensure you keep it up dated with the changes in your family, your health, your finances and the lat. To assist you with this, we offer clients our TLC™ Estate Plan Maintenance and Fee Guarantee Program.

Once you have enrolled in the TLC™ Estate Plan Maintenance & Fee Guarantee Program EPLC Will:

  • Provide a quarterly newsletter
  • Conduct an annual social event
  • Free review of documents w/ agents and/or family members at disability and/or death
  • Invitation to public events sponsored by EPLC
  • Be available for phone calls by you or your advisors to anyone in our office at no charge!
  • Provide an annual client meeting for groups of clients aimed at keeping your documents current with the changing legal environment
  • Provide you and other clients in attendance with new planning ideas for consideration as the law change.
  • Provide a complimentary meeting for your family upon your disability or death to explain your Estate Plan to your family.
  • Provide “Word processing” amendments to estate planning documents requested by you
  • Provide Specialized and Advanced planning workshops offered throughout the year
  • Provide assistance with funding new assets
  • Provide annual trust review
  • Provide recommend legal changes in your documents
  • As part of our commitment to result and not to price we guarantee legal fees to administer estate plan after death
  • Finally, if you remain enrolled in our Maintenance Program, we will guarantee your family (in writing) a fee after your death of 1% rather than the customary 5-7%. That’s a lot of savings!
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