Sponsorship Requests

Estate Planning Law Center Community Program

Estate Planning Law Center is a major supporter of our community. Our team focuses on protecting your family and your hard earned assets. Because of the large volume of sponsorship requests that we receive throughout the year, we have created the Estate Planning Law Center Community Program. To make sure we receive and review your sponsorship we have created submission guidelines to make the process easy for you and our team.

  1. All supported organizations must be a non-profit and filed as a 501(c)(3) or an acceptable non-profit organization.
  2. All sponsorship/program book requests must be made six (6) weeks in advance in writing on your company letterhead. Requests will not be accepted via the phone.
  3. All requests should include:
    1. Your mission statement.
    2. Information on your event; including the date, location & the type of demographic your event appeals to.
    3. How Estate Planning Law Center relates to your organization.
    4. Contact name, phone number and email address.
  4. All requests will be reviewed in a timely manner by our team and we will be in contact with you if we would like to proceed forward.
  • Enter in your ten-digit phone number, area code first.

If you would rather mail in your request, please mail all sponsorship/program book requests to:

Estate Planning Law Center
C/O Community Program
555 French Road
New Hartford, NY 13413