New York Estate Planning for Widows or Widowers

Widows or widowers are faced with many new challenges they never chose. Being married for an extended period of time and then having then to adjust to a life without a lifelong partner often creates much anxiety and concern. We often see a tremendous amount of fear after the loss of a loved one and widow(er) s are often asked to make long-term decisions when they are not even clear what the next day looks like. We highly recommend you not make any long-term decisions until after the first anniversary of your loss. You need someone you can trust, with a proven record of experience to protect and support you during this very difficult time. We guide and support you along the way so you can be confident you are making good decisions as you adjust to your life as a widow(er). There are a lot of emotional roller coasters that will occur and our experience will help support you to ensure you do not harm yourself in the long run. Supporting and protecting you is what we do best. If you are a recent widow(er), call us to identify the many ways we help protect you along your journey.