Estate Planning for Pets

Protecting your family means protecting your pets too!

At the Estate Planning Law Center, we believe pets are family and deserve long-term protection and care. We are proud to serve local families who wish to include directions for the long-term care and protection of their pets in their will or trust.

What is Pet Protection Planning?

If something tragic happened to you, who would look after your pets? Would the new caregiver provide your pet with the love and attention that he or she deserves? Would they have the financial resources to do it? What if no one is willing to take your pet? Will he or she end up at an animal shelter because no one could care for your pet? Pet planning helps to ensure your beloved friends are always cared for by the people YOU want in your absence. By naming caregivers and allocating funds via your will or trust, you can rest easy knowing your pets will be safe and treated the way you expect, no matter what happens.

Understanding Pet Trusts?

Just like a parent who creates a trust fund to guarantee the physical and financial protection of their children if something happens to mom or dad, pet owners can create special trusts that allocate money and provides instructions for their pet’s long-term care. Common instructions set forth in a pet trust may include dietary preferences, grooming instructions, guidelines for veterinary care, preferences for activities and socialization and boarding preferences should your caregiver leave town or go on vacation.

The pet trust will also provide financial resources to cover the costs associated with your pet’s care, while also providing compensation for your chosen caregiver. You may also put aside additional funds to pay for pet sitters, boarding facilities, burial/cremation expenses or unexpected emergency medical bills that may arise over the course of your pet’s life. A pet trust is a wonderful legal tool that provides pet owners with the peace of mind knowing their faithful friend will always receive the love and care they deserve if the unthinkable happens.