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Think Twice Before Deciding To Serve As Trustee

If you have been asked to serve as a trustee, chances are you were initially flattered by the request. After all, it is quite an honor—a parent or other loved one thinks highly enough of you to entrust you with the management of a major portion of their life’s savings. However, before agreeing to serve as trustee, it is important to consider the responsibilities involved. Administering a trust typically involves all of the following duties, and sometimes many more: Locating and protecting trust assets Collecting life insurance policies, annuities, and retirement accounts that name the trust as the primary beneficiary Coordinating settlement of the estate with the personal representative if a probate administration is necessary Obtaining the values of all trust assets at the time of the trustmaker’s death. These assets include real estate and business interests Ascertaining and paying off all of the trustmaker’s debts from funds remaining in

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