Open Office Hours: Medicaid

Event Details

Estate Planning Law Center is now offering Open Office Hours to our community for those who are in need of assistance with Probate or are faced with Long Term Care Costs and need help with the next steps.


Long Term Care costs … it’ something a lot of people fear! The thought of losing their hard earned assets because of their failing health!
During our Medicaid Open Office Hours we will provide assistance and guidance to those who are in need of protecting their assets due to long term care costs.

Date: Thursday, December 7th
Open Office Hours: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Location: Legacy Center, 555 French Road, New Hartford – 2nd floor
No appointment needed – No fee – No obligation

Some of the questions or issues you may be faced with that we can assist you with are:

  • A loved one is going into a nursing – it’s not too late to plan to protect your assets … we will show you how.
  • If you need in-home care, how can you stay in your home and pay for it?
  • Is a loved one in a nursing home and you’re private paying? It’s not too late – you have options to protect your hard earned assets.
  • You’ve attempted the Medicaid qualification process on your own or you’ve contracted with an individual to assist you and you keep getting denied. Bring your documents so we can review them with you.
  • You or your loved one is aging quickly, and you want to be proactive about planning for long term care costs. We can show you our process.

Our team of attorneys & Medicaid advocates will be on-site and available to assist you with your questions.

Medicaid Open Office Hours are for those who are concerned about
At-Home Care & Nursing Home Cost only.

By attending our Open Office Hours you are not engaging into an attorney-client relationship. There is no fee to attend. You do not have to be a client of the Estate Planning Law Center, David J. Zumpano, CPA/ESQ to attend.