Do Your Fiduciaries Understand Their Role?

Event Details

Who are your fiduciaries, and do they understand their role? You took the time to complete your estate plan. Those who you have designated fiduciaries within your documents have important roles to fulfill. We invite YOUR designated fiduciaries to join attorney Dave Mancuso for a free 1-hour workshop to understand the importance of their role as your fiduciary.

Who are your fiduciaries?

  • Healthcare Proxy
  • Agent (Power of Attorney)
  • Executor/Executrix (Last Will & Testament)
  • Trustee (Testamentary Trusts)

During this presentation, attendees will learn:

  • Legal authority and responsibilities of the Fiduciary in each document.
  • Fiduciary’s powers and limitations in each document.
  • Necessary skills for fiduciaries.

Please register below or call (315) 793-3622 to secure you and your fiduciaries spot. Limited seating.


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