Are You Really PLANNED?

Estate Planning Checklist

Is your family prepared for life without you? Are your wishes known and your assets protected in the event of disability, incapacity, divorce or financial troubles? The end of summer is the perfect time to take an inventory of your “legal health” and uncover the answers to these questions while your financial documents are organized and in order.

The checklist will help you discover the many places where your family and assets may be exposed and vulnerable, should the unthinkable happen. Answering “No” or “ Not Sure” to three or more questions is a good indication that estate planning, or an update to your existing plan, may be necessary

Getting Help: If you uncover an area where your plan may be out-of-date or insufficient to meet your current needs, it’s important that you contact the office at 315-793-3622 right away. Remember, an out-of-date plan can be worse than having no planning in place at all!

Be sure to mention this checklist from now until September 15, 2023 and we’ll waive 100% of the planning session fee when you come in to create your very own estate plan!


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